1 April 2017

Updates & Thoughts - Space Cakes in Amsterdam & Blog Changes

I haven't been here in a while. Thought I should update you guys on recent events, as well as a few thoughts regarding this blog. I know, again. Stop me if you've heard this one before...

1. I've been working, a ton. My student visa allows me to work 20 hours/week max, but during semester vacation I am allowed to work full time - an opportunity that was even encouraged by my boss. I say even since my work is very chill and flexible. I love my job - I sit in front of an Excel table all day doing copy-past work, with super nice colleagues, my headphones plugged into the computer with The Smiths on YouTube on repeat and a coffee machine that makes milk foam. I love my job. I can also pretty much come and go when I please, as long as I make the mandatory 20h mark. I fucking love my job and I have been making some nice money.
Going out on the weekend has never felt so satisfying. There's just something about working and getting paid and partying on the weekend with no worries; with the fact that you have a nice place to come back to on Monday and that you can respectfully work in a foreign language - a situation that 3 years ago seemed overwhelming.
Don't worry, I haven't gone crazy - I'm not a huge fan of the 9-5, but finding a chill job was my goal since Autumn last year and since January this year it has finally happened.
I'm just in a really good and comfortable place right now and I am grateful for it.

2. I have been to Amsterdam last weekend. I have been to the city last Autumn and it was ok, I didn't fall in love with it or anything. This trip was far better, we did a bunch of things and I've grown to connect with the city a lot more.

My mother turned 50 in March and arranged a few days' trip for herself, my dad and another couple from the family who they're good friends with. One thing let to another and my mom suggested me to join in as well, Amsterdam being in arm's reach from Berlin. I was so excited for the trip that I accidentally booked the ticket 1 day too early. So I got to spend 1 night at a friend's place and hang out, which was cool.
This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg of the trip, since:

  1. We had space cakes with my entire family (and my under aged brother, god help us all) and it was dope. I am so proud of myself that whilst being incredibly high, I managed to guide my family through the impossible crowds of the city center back to our Air Bnb at night. Using Google Maps, obviously. And I didn't get lost once! I still can't believe I took drugs with my family. 
  2. My brother went on a date with a bartender who casually gave him her number after he asked!! It turned out she was 24 (my bro is 17) and had a kid and a boyfriend. God help us all #2. One thing for sure though - my brother's a savage!
  3. My family stayed in Amsterdam for 3 more days after I left, and the day before the flight back they have decided to visit a coffee shop one last time (my brother wasn't there). After smoking for a while they got up to leave, which resulted in my dad fainting right there in the middle of the coffee shop. The workers helped him up and sat him outside, and made him drink sweet water. Turns out this can happen due to low blood sugar? Who knows, but it was enough for my father to get completely terrified and swear he will never smoke ever again. My mom was horrified too. God help us all #3.
There were beautiful buildings and clogs too, but that's not nearly as interesting.

The next story, however, is the heaviest bomb of them all and I still can't believe this has happened. Let's just say the Amsterdam adventure isn't over:

As mentioned, it was my mother's birthday and we all gave her presents, including a very expensive and fancy diamond ring which my dad gave her. After my parents got home my mom wrote me that SHE HAS FORGOTTEN THE RING AT THE AIR BNB.
Of all rings my mom could forget, it had to be this one. Before leaving and in the commotion of packing, my mom washed the dishes and took the ring off and left it by the sink, where it remained until the nice Air Bnb lady informed my mom what has happened. My mother only realized this at the security check at the airport, where you have to take all the metals off. Thinking that she should take off the ring since it would surely beep at the monitors, my mother was mortified to discover it wasn't on her hand. My poor mom cried and was completely in shock.
And since shipping something so valuable via post is way too risky, it's only logical for me to come back to Amsterdam and retrieve the ring.
Yesterday I have booked a flight which will take place in 2 weeks. The trip will literally take me less than a day (1.5 from Berlin to Amsterdam). My mom will have her precious ring back in May when we will be going to Israel.

Needless to say, this trip will be remembered in the family forever!!

3. On for something a bit more conventional. I have been looking to join a band as a singer. After a few unsuccessful attempts of looking for a band as a bassist, I have given the matter a lot of though and realized that not giving myself the chance to front a band will be something I will regret forever. And it will be painful when I do.
So currently I am looking for a band or people. I want to sing everything dark, post punk-ish, grungy and wild. The louder and darker the better. Keep your fingers crossed for me, since finding people for a band in Berlin is one of those "big city problems" they don't tell you about. You would think that of all places, here it would be the easiest. Well, let me tell you....

4. Lastly, I wanted to address my thoughts regarding blogging. I know that I wrote on the changing media of blogging and self expression in December -  a recurring thought in the "classic" blogging community. I thought about how there are less people writing blogs these days and how many transform to youtubers or use Instagram to "show and tell" their outfits, makeup etc.

The truth is, this is exactly the kind of change I am experiencing myself. I am using my phone non stop - snapping pictures of my makeup, hair and outfits and uploading them to Instagram has been one of my favorite things to do. It's fast and easy. The only problem being that this kind of medium focuses more on the "show" than the "tell". And I love expressing myself with writing and having the option to discuss things with you guys in the comments.

So after some thought I've decided that I would like to make this blog a more personal space - a medium where I can write about my thoughts, feelings, my fears and emotions.... it's the very "classic" type of blogging that I have been missing; where pictures don't play a huge role, Or when they do - they're scarce.
I want to share personal things, to be more reflective of myself and think more, discuss and question. I guess Instagram is just fitting for overload vanity and attention - a thing I can never have too little of.
Yet expressing yourself with words has always been the very core of blogging for me, and I have the feeling I've been avoiding that for the sake of entertaining content or what not.
I realize that reading huge blocks of text is sooo 2009, where the write would complain about their day and write angsty posts about self doubt and the meaning of their bullshit life. But this is perhaps the essence of blogging for me. Guess I'm still a 17 year old deep down hehe.

So I guess you can expect some changes happening here... maybe the layout looking a bit different, maybe some introspective posts coming along. I will still write about the things I love, which are my favorite bands, my past and where I come from and my adventures in Europe. But maybe with a more personal twist.

My Instagram will be there for my face, my poses and clothes and my uber trad goth aspirations. I apologize if some of you are not on Instagram and won't be able to follow me there. I will probably post a picture from time to time here as well. Who knows, maybe Instagram will grow irrelevant in a few years. You never know!

What do you think? Anything on your mind regarding blogging lately? Are you planing on traveling this year?
I'll be going to Copenhagen in 2 weeks btw. Can't wait!



  1. Great post. What a trip you had with your family! :)

    It's awesome that you love your job. While a 9-5 can be tedious, it can also provide a level of security. I was self-employed for a while, but I actually feel more emotional and mental freedom working a 9-5 job. That steady pay means I don't have to worry about the basics of life - shelter and food.

    I still blog because many of my posts include explanations of how I did/made something... so my "show" is paired with a lot of "tell." But I don't rule out adding Instagram at some point.

    Good luck in your band search!

    1. Thanks!
      I hate waking up everyday but the security is exactly what I need right now. I am just grateful for having a job that combines itself with my my studies perfectly. There's no pressure on me there, for a change hehe.

  2. What's wrong with working 9-5? 6 hours of working in peaceful environment and in reasonable hours, just lovely. Try working 6-14. Or 22-6. Now THAT's tedious. And, frankly, it's the only opportunity for a job that I have and will ever have.

    1. I meant to say that going to work everyday at the same time is tedious for most people. Believe me, I worked my night and evening shifts so I know what it's like....
      I hope you'll have other opportunities in the future.

  3. Wow that's lucky the ring wasn't completely lost! I feel like a lot of blogs are adapting to microblogging platforms. Your Instagram is pretty cool! I agree that long form blogging still has a place. And I've always liked your posts!

  4. I hope that being there would be good experience for you.
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